Living costs

Living away from home can be an expensive business. Each year, you can expect to pay anywhere between £5,000 and £8,000, depending on your location, personal circumstances and how much you plan on going out.

Try to stay on top of your finances, and remember that your living costs may be much higher if you don’t go home for the holidays.

The cost of renting university-provided single-room accommodation is likely to be between £370 and £535 a month, depending on the campus and the type of accommodation you choose. But you’ll only pay for ten months of the year.

In privately-rented accommodation, rents are around £300-£400 a month and contracts may be for a 12-month period.

Bills and broadband
If you live in privately-rented accommodation, you may need to pay your bills (gas, water and electricity) in addition to your rent. Allow £60-80 a month to cover these costs.

In some types of accommodation, bills are included in the rental costs.

You might need to organise your own broadband services, so be sure to shop around. A good guide on finding the best deal for you can be found here

Course materials
This depends on the course you choose, and will include items such as books and art materials.

Contents insurance is crucial. You can expect to pay around £5 a month, depending on where you live and what you want to cover.

Expect to spend up to £50 each week, depending on who you’re living with and how you plan to share the cost of food.

Transport costs will vary depending on how far you have to travel and whether you’re using public transport. If you have a car, you’ll need to factor in things like insurance, road tax, servicing and MOTs, as well as the price of petrol.

Don’t forget to budget for occasional trips that are important to your studies.

We don’t expect you to stay in studying every evening! Experiencing the social life at university is a vital part of your student journey. Decide how much you should spend each week on going out – think about things like clothes and your mobile phone bill too.