International Summer School

International Summer School

UCA’s International Summer School brings together talent from across the globe for two weeks of creative discovery.

At our International Summer School, you will study with some of the UK’s leading creative academics, practising artists and technical experts.

You will develop your skills, personal portfolio and understanding of the creative industries and the educational opportunities open to you. Crucially, you’ll create an original artwork inspired by your experience at UCA.

Unfortunately, the International Summer School 2021 will no longer be taking place.
Details for the International Summer School 2022 will be added as soon as we have more information.

International Summer School

International Pathway Studios, UCA Farnham

Digital media suites, UCA Canterbury


Pre-degree studios, UCA Canterbury


The International Summer School Disclaimer has information about cancellations and refunds, insurance, safeguarding and more.

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Code of Conduct

Read our International Summer School Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure.

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