UCA Strategy


In the ten-year period from 2018-28, we're working to make UCA an even better place to work and study, guided by our strategy to enhance the creative experience at UCA, and focus on building employability, inclusivity and diversity. Our priorities are:

  1. A focus on providing a world-leading creative experience:
    • We work with students and the Students’ Union to continually enhance student experience and support in a way that sets all our students up for success.
    • We continually review our offer to provide a broad and relevant mix of creative disciplines across each of our sites, and to maximise opportunities for collaboration between courses.
    • We are building on our ability to attract and retain world-class expertise, fostering a world-class postgraduate and research environment.
    • We are expanding on our portfolio of collaborative, impactful and internationally recognised research in the areas of creative arts, creative technologies and the business of the creative industries.

  2. A focus on employability:
    • We continue to prize and build on our reputation as a professional, industry-facing institution, co-creating a curriculum with employers that results in high employability among our graduates.
    • We are building on the unique offer of our Business School to provide a broader range of opportunities, foster new connections with employers and exchange knowledge with industry partners.
    • We are nurturing our underlying culture and philosophy of entrepreneurialism across academic departments and all areas of the university.
    • We continually work to ensure that all students have strong digital capabilities.
    • We continue to develop our students’ abilities to reflect on their learning and understand their transferable skills, and to create new opportunities for them to engage meaningfully with employers.
    • We work to ensure that all UCA graduates are agile, resilient, and equipped to thrive in a challenging and competitive job market.

  3. A focus on inclusivity
    • We work to embed personalised learning in all our programmes, promoting inter-disciplinary opportunities and taking inclusive approaches to tackling equality gaps.
    • We are developing more non-traditional routes for students to access higher education, including flexible modes of delivery such as blended and online learning models.

  4. A focus on internationalisation and cultural exchange
    • We are committed to developing the cultural and international diversity of our campus communities to enrich the on-campus experience for our students and staff.
    • We provide rich, reciprocal learning environments by promoting opportunities for staff and students to study and work abroad, especially through our network of global partner institutions and our partnership venture - the Institute of Creativity and Innovation in Xiamen, China.
    • We constantly enhance the international relevance of our programmes by adopting a global outlook in all our curricula.
    • We are building partnerships with educational institutions to deliver high-level creative education opportunities in more locations – both in the UK and beyond.