Potential additional costs for students

Getting the most out of a creative arts education sometimes involves paying more than just the tuition fee. You’ll have books to buy of course, as well as covering the printing costs for your research or written work. Other expenses might relate to a field trip, project materials or the costs involved in taking part in a final degree show or an external showcase event such as Graduate Fashion Week. 

We can’t be specific about materials costs before you start your course, as these will vary according to the nature of your project work and the choices that you make. But we’ll give you an idea of the extra costs that you will definitely have to pay when we offer you a place.

Rises in inflation can sometimes mean that our suppliers (or organisers of trips and outside events) have to change their prices later on - which means the cost to you may then have to change. But the information you see in your offer letter should give you a good idea of the mandatory costs that you’re likely to need to budget for.

One event we hope all our BA and MA students will all want to participate in is Graduation, which takes place at the Royal Festival Hall in London. Your student ticket is free, but you’ll need to hire academic dress so that you look the part on the day. We'll make a small charge to your guests, to cover the cost of organising these fun, high profile events.

If you’re moving away from home for the first time, you might find managing your loans and everyday living costs a bit challenging at first. And, if you get yourself into a tricky situation, dealing with debt can make you miserable and may well affect your studies. 

Find out more about staying on top of your finances so you can make the most of the money you have, and really enjoy your time at university.