Case study

Archie Challen

Coming straight out of the degree and into the industry was made a lot easier by having covered so much as part of the course. We can be regularly working on 50 ideas and that will ultimately only progress on to two full projects whilst working with clients and that was very similar to the third year of the course where things were full on. It really helped prepare us for the workload.

I want to be working for one of the big five London agencies in five years’ time. Leo Burnett and Wieden & Kennedy would both be targets and it made it much easier walking into the professional environment at VCCP, which was pretty scary, knowing that we were well prepared. Travelling to Copenhagen and New York and visiting agencies like Ogilvy and Mother definitely helped build confidence throughout our time at UCA.

The course would be good for anyone. If you’re prepared to have fun and work hard it’s well worth it. I came back to give a talk to first year students as a mentor and would love to come back again as I progress further into my career.