Outgoing Opportunities


Creativity has no borders - so if you’re dreaming of adventure, inspiration and new life experiences, then UCA can help you achieve that.

If broadening your horizons is part of your plans, we're here to support you.

Our global opportunities could see you studying part of your degree course at one of our partner universities overseas, attending a summer school at a partner university, or volunteering.

Semester exchange

If you're in your first year of your undergraduate degree at UCA, you can apply to spend either your Autumn or Spring semester of your second year on an exchange programme studying with one of our partner universities in Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand or Australia. Please check the lists below to see if your course is eligible and if so, the semester of study:

You can register your interest with our Exchange team between 10th January and 13th February 2022 by clicking on the button below. Before registering your interest, please ensure that you discuss these opportunities with your Programme Director.  Also, make sure that you fully research and choose three separate institutions so that you will be happy with your regardless of whether you are allocated to your first, second or third choice placement.

If you have any questions regarding spending a semester studying overseas (after reading our FAQs), please discuss with your Programme Director or contact us on

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Year abroad

If you are a student studying on one of the Undergraduate courses listed below, you have a unique opportunity to add an additional year to your three-year degree course after your second year of study. This will mean you will be overseas (either at a higher education establishment or workplace) for your third year. After completing this placement, you will return to UCA to complete your fourth and final year.

Year abroad opportunities are available to the following courses only:

BA Textile Design

BA Ceramics and Glass

BA Jewellery and Silversmithing

BA Interior Architecture and Design (Farnham)

Please see the list academic partners related to these courses in the document below:

Register your interest with our Exchange team between 10 January and 11 February 2022 by clicking on the button below. Before registering your interest, please ensure that you discuss these opportunities with your Programme Director.  Also make sure that you fully research and choose three separate institutions so that you will be happy with your regardless of whether you are allocated to your 1st, 2nd or 3rd placement choice.

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Outgoing Exchange FAQs

Prior to submitting your registration of interest please make sure you have discussed your study options with your Programme Director and ask them to submit an email to us confirming their consent and that they are happy for you to be nominated to study overseas. You will also need to maintain an average grade of 55% or higher. Remember, when studying overseas you are representing UCA, we need to be sure that you will be fully engaged with the whole experience!

Once UCA has nominated you, you will need to make a formal application to the host institution. You will need to meet their requirements in order for them to accept your application and to move on to the final steps of the process.

If during the first term of your second year you fail a unit, your application might be cancelled.

Yes, the credits earned abroad as part of your exchange programme will be transferred back to UCA (normally the equivalent to 60 UCA credits). However, your exchange will only be awarded a "pass" or "fail" grade due to the difficulty of translating the grades used in different education systems. This means that the exchange will not count towards your final classification degree. Therefore, your UCA Stage 2 unit marks (i.e. those that you studied at UCA, excluding any units studied overseas) will count as 25% of your overall degree classification and your Stage 3 unit marks will count as 75% of your overall degree classification.

As part of your exchange, you are not required to pay the host institution any tuition fees or examination fees, but you will be responsible for covering your travel, accommodation and living costs, and you will continue paying tuition fees as normal to UCA during your study abroad exchange programme.

If you are currently receiving a maintenance grant or student loan from Student Finance England, you will still receive this whilst you are abroad.

An additional travel grant is available through Student Finance England on a means-tested basis. Find out more and check your eligibility:

Students on placements will receive a monthly grant to help cover some of the costs of the experience. A supplementary grant is available for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

UCA is here to fully support you for the duration of your exchange programme. However, as you plan to spend three months studying and living in a new country on your own, it is important that you are also able to take responsibility towards the planning.

UCA will send out any relevant communications to you via email. It is important, once you have submitted your registration of interest, that you check your emails regularly, read them carefully and take any actions that are required as detailed.

It is your responsibility to research and implement your own visa requirements, make sure you are fully aware of the process involved and have the visa in place ready for your departure date.

Flights and Travel:
You are responsible for booking your own flights to and from your destination as well as any in-country travel that may be required to reach your institution.

Learning Agreement:
We will support you with this process and inform you at which point the Learning Agreement needs to be completed. The purpose of this document is to make sure you, your academic, and the host institution are aware of what academic units you will need to complete before, during and after your exchange to make sure you obtain enough credits to successfully complete the year. It is vital that you are involved in this decision-making process.

Host Institution Applications:
Once UCA has nominated you and the host institution confirms they are happy to receive an application from you, you will be notified by email. Once you receive this email, it is your responsibility to complete your direct application and make sure that you meet the deadline that they set for you. If you do not meet the given deadline, it is likely you will lose your place.

If you are unsure at any point within the process, we are always more than happy to help where we can. What is important, is that we can see you are fully engaged with the process as this is an indication of your engagement with the experience.

If you have any questions, please contact us on

Volunteering abroad

New for Summer 2022!

UCA is working in partnership with Challenges Abroad to give our students an amazing opportunity to volunteer in either Battambang, Cambodia, or Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. This is available to all students over the age of 18 and will take place between 6 August to 3 September 2022. 

More information can be found on the Challenges Abroad website

Simply complete the online form below by no later than midnight on Sunday 30th January 2022.

You will be notified by email on Friday 28 January if your application has been successful and the next steps to take.


Think Pacific Logo

Recently Added!

UCA has joined with Think Pacific to offer a small group of our students the opportunity to live and work in Fiji for four weeks during the Summer of 2022!

This opportunity is open to all UCA students aged 18 or over.  However, if you have already been accepted to attend one of our opportunities in Hanyang, Nepal or Cambodia, your application will not be accepted.

For more information and to apply, please click here to visit the Think Pacific website.

UCA will also be hosting a webinar on Wednesday 2nd March from 1pm-2pm to provide more details, please click here to join us!

Your application to Think Pacific via their website must be submitted by Monday 21st March.  If your application is successful, you will be asked to contact UCA’s Mobility Team to see if you qualify for funding to assist with some of the costs – more information will be supplied on this during the webinar.

Your funding request must be submitted by 9am on Monday 28th March.  We will inform students who have been successful in their funding application by 5pm on Monday 4th April.

Summer school

Hanyang University International Summer School

New for Summer 2022!

UCA has partnered with Hanyang University in South Korea providing an amazing opportunity to spend four weeks in July attending their Summer School with an exciting schedule, including a huge variety of subjects to choose from as well as fun activities planned for the weekends.

More information can be found on the Hanyang University website

Click below to complete your application by no later than midnight i=on Sunday 30th January 2022. You will be notified by email on Friday 11 February if your application has been successful and the next steps to take.



Asia University Summer Programme

Recently Added – New for 2022!

As a partner to UCA, our students are being given a unique opportunity to attend the Asia University online Summer programme without having to pay a tuition fee! 

All courses are delivered online in English, both in real time and also recorded to allow for the time difference with Taiwan.  Students will therefore be able to experience what it’s like to study at University in Taiwan and only be required to cover the cost of their certificate of attendance.

This will be a fantastic addition to your CV.

Please see the link below to view their Summer Programme brochure and for the full details of each course.

Please note: The Language and Culture course is delivered in English (the culture part) and Mandarin (the language part).  

pdf (

To apply, please email with the following details by no later than midnight on Sunday 13th March:

  • Your full name
  • Your student ID
  • Your current course and campus
  • Which Asia University course you would like to take part in


Turing Funding

The Turing Scheme provides funding for those individuals undertaking education and training in the UK to go on study or work placements across the world. It affords the opportunity for UK organisations to offer life-changing experiences abroad for their students.

Funding is open to UK and British Overseas Territories organisations from across the education and training sector, including schools, universities, further education colleges and providers of vocational education and training.

This funding allows organisations to provide students with the chance to develop new skills, gain vital international experience and boost their employability. They can also develop a wide range of soft skills, language skills and a better understanding of other cultures. Students can build relationships with international peers and gain fresh ideas.

HE students can undertake both study and work placements abroad. These placements can last for four weeks to 12 months. Please note that Turing Scheme funding cannot be used towards specific activity costs that are already funded from a different source i.e. double funding.

To take part in an HE Turing Scheme mobility, participants must be:

  • registered at a UK or British Overseas Territories HE provider and enrolled in studies leading to a recognised degree or another recognised tertiary level qualification (up to and including the level of doctorate)
  • recent HE graduates, who may participate in a traineeship and must carry out and complete their traineeship abroad within 12 months of graduating. Graduates do not need to be selected before they graduate Participants do not need to be UK nationals to be eligible for the scheme.

Institutions are required to bid for funding at the beginning of each calendar year for any activities taking place in the following academic year.  If you are interested in participating in either a study or work placement please ensure that you contact us at by early February so that we can take these requests into consideration when bidding for our funding.  Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will have sufficient funds to support all those wishing to go overseas.