Stephen Featherstone

Lecturer Further Education, UCA Farnham

Academic, School of Further Education

Stephen's practice merges his background in fine art and his postgraduate and industrial experience in film and animation to develop an approach to film making that enables him to work independently and to explore moving image media, using them as a means of personal expression.

At the same time making work that retains a clear relationship to mainstream narrative cinema. The practice investigates transdisciplinarity in that it utilises the language and techniques of film, animation and theatre as means of realisation.

Another area of exploration is the visual realisation of the work which is mimetic as opposed to verisimilitudinous and, while means of production are often those associated with contemporary special effects, the effects created are non-photorealistic in nature.

His current film project explores (amongst other things) themes of fate, chance, order, disorder, harmony and discord. The mimetic quality of the visualisation of the film also exposes it as a construction which is an imitation of a world (albeit a fictional representation of the world) that is itself a construction.

As part for the research for this project Stephen has formed a collaboration with Nunkie Theatre Company in order to investigate the correlation and integration of filmic and theatrical language.

A testing ground for some of the ideas to emerge from this dialogue has been the adaption of some of Nunkie's stage plays for the screen. Outputs from this work include four films based on the ghost stories of M. R. James, which have been screened at film festivals and released on DVD.


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