Steffi Klenz

Reader in Photography, UCA Rochester

Academic, School of Fine Art | Photography and Visual Communication

Reader in Photography Steffi Klenz, leads our MA Fine Art and MA Curatorial Practice courses at UCA Canterbury. Steffi is an internationally exhibiting artist and her photographic practice has been consistently preoccupied with the built environment, critically exploring the notion of place and spatiality.

Her work unfolds in urban places and buildings but it is not architectural photography; instead it un­covers unexpected narratives and traces of history embedded in the place. Klenz views the places of her interest as palimpsests rich in interrelated sedi­ments of history, politics, territory and trauma.

Steffi Klenz’ work has been shown in group and solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally at the FotoMuseum Antwerp, the Los Angeles Centre for Digital Arts, the Phoenix Art Museum, The Fine Art Museum Luleå (Sweden), The Finish Museum of Photography, The SeaCity Museum in Southampton, The New Art Museum Walsall, Historic Dockyard Museum in Chatham, Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin and Museum Künstlerkolonie in Darmstadt (Germany) to name a few.

Her work has been reviewed in numerous magazines such as Art Monthly, Art Review, Art World China, Elephant Magazine, The Architectural Review, Photographies, History of Photography Journal to name a few.

Her practice has been discussed in Chris Townsend’s “New Art from London”, Thames & Hudson (2006), Judith Rugg’s, “Spatialities: The Geographies of Art and Architecture” by Intellect Publishing (2012), Robert Shore’s “Post-Photography: The Artist with a Camera”, by Laurence King Publishing (2014),  Imogen Racz’ “Art and Home:Comfort, Alienation and the Everyday” by I.B.Tauris (2015) and Robert Shore’s “Beg, Steal and Borrow”, by Laurence King Publishing (2017).

She published her first book “Polo bound for Passaic” by Cornerhouse Publishing and Schaden Verlag in 2009 and her book “He only feels the black and white of it, Berlin Wall 14-07-1973” was published by Mörel  Books in 2016.

Klenz has been commissioned to undertake the BBC East Tower Commission (2016-2017 ) in London, the Rights Of Passage Commission for the 2015 Venice Biennale, Strange Cargo Commission for the Cheriton Light Festival 2018 and are recently completed the Tunbridge Wells Cultural Quarter Commission in 2018.

She is Member of the Cultural Innovation Forum in the South East (UK),  Member of the REF Working Group at UCA, a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has been nominated to be an international mentor at The School of Fine Art at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in Austria.

Further information:
Steffi's website

Polo Bound for Passiac
The School of Fine Art & Photography website 

Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy

Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy:

  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Selected as Board Member for Yinka Shonibare's Space from November 2010.

Awards, Grants and Commissions:

  • 2016 BBC East Tower commissioned by BBC, Stanhope Development and White Noise 
  • 2015 UH Galleries and Hertfordshire Council Funding to produce solo-exhibition 'Plotting Spaces at Museum St.Albans
  • 2014 Arts Council England Funding
  • 2014 SeaCity Museum Commission to produce artwork 'Concert for Maison Seirēn'
  • 2014 UCA Research Fund
  • 2012 UCA Research Fund
  • 2010 Renaissance Art Prize
  • 2010 Glasgow City Council Funding and Scottish Arts Council Funding to produce and stage solo-exhibitions
  • 2009/2010 Pavilion Commission to produce artwork 'A Habitual Thinker' and produce publication
  • 2009 Leeds City Council Funding, Walsall Council Funding and University of Nottingham Funding to produce and stage exhibition
  • 2009 Merck-Prize
  • 2009 Arts Council England Funding
  • 2008 Voigtlaender New Talent Award in Photography
  • 2007 Man Group Photography Prize
  • 2006 Arts Council England Funding to produce and stage solo-exhibition
  • 2005 Hoopers Gallery Award
  • 2005 National Grid Transco Award
  • 2004-2005 DAAD Educational Award in the Fine Art.



Her work has been published and discussed in various books, such as Chris Townsends's "New Art from London" by Thames & Hudson in 2006, Judith Rugg's "Spatialities: The Geographies of Art and Architecture" by Intellect in 2012, Robert Shore's "Post-Photography: the Artist with a Camera" by Laurence King Publishing in 2014 and Imogen Racz's book "Art and Home: Comfort, Alienation and the Everyday" published by I.B. Tauris in 2015.

Steffi published her monograph "Polo bound for Passaic" in conjunction with the New Art Gallery Walsall, Street Level Photoworks Glasgow and the Goethe Institute Glasgow in 2009. She recently published the book “He only feels the black and white of it, Berlin Wall, 14-July-1973” by Mörel Publishing in 2016.

Steffi recently was commissioned to produce a video piece for Stanhope Development, White Noise and the BBC.

Research Outputs

Key outputs on UCARO:

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