Samantha Jarman

Lecturer Further Education, UCA Epsom

Academic, School of Further Education

Samantha's practice-based research takes 'being together' as a central concern, within the context of systems of social exchange and activism.

Her investigation takes place through the choreography, participation and documentation of events that inform our understanding of thresholds, transitions and 'collective elaboration of meaning'. She is interested in the planning and orchestration of these events/performances and the challenges she faces in generating participatory works that collaborate with everyday life and diverse bodies of people.

The shifting relationship and experience between operator, spectator and participator are concurrent themes as is the space between production and consumption. The research grows out of the context of Guy Debord's 'Society of the Spectacle' and the writings of Nicolas Bourriaud.

The central thread of her research feeds into her involvement with 'The Mass Creativity Cluster', which has been actively investigating 'tools for innovation'. The Cluster is about to embark on a series of collaborative projects, one with Michael Smythe from Nomad

The cluster is embracing live pop up research labs and has started to forge relationships with other institutions.

Samantha's research also allows her the space to explore environmental as well as social ecologies. In May 2010 she completed a course with 'The Brighton Permaculture Trust - 'Building Sustainable Communities and Permaculture Design'. This has impacted on the recent direction of her work.

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Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy

Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy:

  • Member of Mass Creativity Research Cluster since 2008 public output.

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