Professor Karen Knorr

Professor of Photography, UCA Farnham

Academic, School of Fine Art | Photography and Visual Communication

Professor Knorr's research interests span cultural heritage, animality and its relationship to globalisation and climate change, postcolonial subjectivity and women's role in India and Bangladesh are her present main research interests.

Karen Knorr (b. Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 1954) was raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico in the 1960s and studied in both Paris and London. Since the 1970s when Knorr settled in England, she began creating works that emerged out of debates in cultural studies that were current in the 1970s about the politics of representation. 

Knorr explored themes that ranged from investigating the aspirations and lifestyles of a privileged minority living in one of the most affluent parts of London, Belgravia, 1979-1981, to work in India  India Song, (2008-15) and work in Japan Monogatari ( 2012- 2015) work that highlighted the role of animals and their representations within art.

Her photography developed a critical and playful dialogue with documentary photography using different visual and textual strategies to explore her chosen subject matter - these range from the family and lifestyle to the animal and its representation in the museum context.
Knorr’s work has been exhibited widely and is held in both private and public collections throughout the world including Houston Museum of Fine Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art,  Tate, London and Georges Pompidou, Paris. Several monographs have been published on her work  including  a new book Gentlemen with Stanley Barker (2016). She is a Professor in Photography at the University for Creative Arts in Farnham, Surrey and based in London U.K. 

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Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy

Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy:

  • 2012: Patron, Photographers' Gallery, London
  • 2008: Editorial Board, Antennae The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture
  • 2002: Honorary Member, Association Images Au Centre, France
  • 1995-2000: Trustee, Photographers' Gallery, London
  • 1986-1990: Editorial Board Member, Furor, Journal of Aesthetics and Rhetoric, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Contemporary Art Society (Artist member since 2009)
  • Axis Artists since 2009
  • Space Studios since 2009.

External examination:

  • 2001-2004: BA Hons Photography, A.K.T.O., Athens, Greece (for Middlesex University)

Awards, Grants and Commissions:

  • 2012: Louis Vuitton Commission, France
  • 2012: Nomination for Deutsche Börse Photography Prize
  • 2011: Nomination for Prix Pictet and Deutsche Börse Photography Prize
  • 2011: Pilar Citoler V International Photography Award, University of Cordoba
  • 2011: Voyage a Nantes Commission, Carte Blanche, Nantes, France
  • 2011: Villa Savoye Commission, Monum, France
  • 2009: Lazaro Galdiano Museum Commission, Madrid, Spain
  • 2008: Beaux Arts Louvre Grandes Galeries Commission, Paris France
  • 2011: POP Magazine Commission, London UK
  • 2008: M Weston Commission.

Research Outputs

Key outputs on UCARO:

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