Paul Lawrence-Jennings

3 Dimensional Design Technician, UCA Epsom

Technical Staff,

Paul has worked at Epsom UCA since 2013 as the 3DD Technician. Prior to UCA Paul worked in the Australian Film Industry as a clay animator, flinch drafter, mime rangler and eventually special effect explosives in both the Australian and UK film industry.

Educated in Australia - (Equiv. A Levels, Order of the Echidna) Maths 1&2, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Drama, English, Art, Ancient History and Crocodile Husbandry.

Paul has a ‘Dugong’ level 3 in interpretive swimming and reefer rescue.

He previoulsy worked for Anifex Pty Ltd Animation studio for 3 years as a sculptor, physical effects, animators assistant, flinch drafter. Former positions include; Pyrotechnician for Australian and UK film Industry, Flinders University TV Studio manager, Health and safety officer, Horse devining, Mime wrangler, Cane Toad Manufacturer and an AV Technician.

Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy

Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy:

HE Associate Fellowship.