Marilia Hernandes Jardim

Lecturer of Contextual Studies, UCA Epsom

Academic, School of Fashion

Marilia Jardim is a Semiotician and Cultural Researcher concentrating in Fashion and Urban Studies.

A Master of Communication and Semiotics graduated at São Paulo’s Pontifical Catholic University, and member of the Socio-semiotics Research Centre (Brazil), her academic work combines a robust Linguistics and Semantics background, with innovative approaches in Semiotics and Ethnography applied to the investigation of objects concerning dress in the contemporary metropolis, as well as the troubled relations between the body and the city. Coming from a qualification in Performing Arts, her academic practice and lecturing are deeply committed to the blending of different theories and methods, as well as with integration between theoretical subjects and student’s studio work.

Further information:

Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy:

Member of the Socio-semiotics Research Centre (Brazil/France): Researcher

Awards, Grants and Commissions:

(2015) 2014 Best Master Degree Dissertation – PUCSP, CAPES

(2014) Communication and Semiotics, Master Degree – PUCSP, 1st

(2012) 1st Place – Communication and Semiotics Dissertation Project Scholarship – CAPES, Brazil