Liz Thomson

Learning Development Tutor, UCA Farnham

Professional Services,

Currently a PhD candidate researching Vietnamese lacquer painting and world art history, Liz’s project brings together her long-term interest in painting (her BA is in Fine Art) and interest in linguistics and discourse analysis.

She has an MA in Applied Linguistics, and is a qualified teacher with over 20 years of experience, teaching English both abroad and in British schools and universities.

Along with her academic support role at UCA, where research outputs include the writing of the online referencing tutorial, Incite developed alongside the online referencing guide, she is a guest lecturer at Sotheby’s Institute for Art, where she delivers sessions on Vietnamese art and lacquer in London collections.


Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy

Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy:

  • HEA Fellow
  • Lecturer at Sotheby's Institute of Art.

Research Outputs

Key outputs on UCARO:

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