Karl-Peter Penke

Printmaking Technician, UCA Farnham

Technical Staff,

Karl-Peter Penke studied at Chelsea College of Art & Design, Camberwell College of Arts, the Prince's Drawing School (now the Royal Drawing School), and the Royal College of Art.

Before joining the UCA Farnham team in September 2019, he was Intaglio Printmaking Instructor at the RCA in Battersea.

As a multi-media artist, he sources his playful work from observations of the world. The complexities which bombard our day-to-day interactions, together with our nagging historical baggage, are pulped, filtered and regurgitated as pictorial vignettes:

“I suppose it’s about resistance and unease – the idea of unexpected obstructions, and the manner of our response. It could be little, harmless things, like spilling milk, or being jostled as you board a tram, or it could be something more abstract, such as inexplicably ghosting that nice person you were getting to know, or a niggling concern about a democratically elected candidate to high political office"

Website: www.karlpeterpenke.com
Instagram: @karlpeterpenke