Jason Oddy

Sessional Lecturer Film & Media, UCA Farnham

Academic, School of Film Media and Performing Arts

Jason's principal area of research is the phenomenological investigation of architectural space using photography.

Working with a large-format plate camera, Jason treats the places he photographs less as sites to be documented and more as ontologically orientating and ideologically charged spaces to be analysed and engaged with.

Starting from the premise that an embodied, sensitised and precisely conceived type of photography is able not just to show, but also to render sensible the experience of inhabiting architecture, Jason aims to unveil the workings of places such as the Pentagon, Guantanamo Bay, airport chapels and Soviet sanatoria.

If broadly speaking these can be termed 'architectures of containment', then lately Jason has turned his attention towards a different type of place, postcolonial structures that might instead be termed 'architectures of engagement'. As part of Jason's research he is currently in the process of developing a methodology that will be commensurate with the material (that is, the places) under investigation.

The process of textual enquiry also forms a key part of Jason's research. Texts by thinkers such as Foucault and Heidegger help guide Jason's critical, phenomenologically sensitive investigations of space.

Jason's work has been exhibited and published widely both nationally and internationally.

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Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy

Awards, Grants and Commissions:

  • Arts Council England - £9491 towards the costs of staging a touring solo show. The sum has specifically been awarded to cover the costs of printing and framing.
  • 1/12/12 to 23/5/14 Principal Investigator.