Elisabeth Mulders

EAP tutor, UCA Farnham

Professional Services, Department of International Studies

Elisabeth is the EAP tutor for International Pathways courses at UCA Farnham. I am responsible for helping students improve their academic study skills.

Originally from South Africa, I have lived in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and Ecuador.

After having had a number of different positions in my life, I started my teaching career in South Africa teaching mainly general and business English. It had long been my dream to live in the UK and after teaching three consecutive summers in Ramsgate I was able to secure a permanent position in Salisbury.

This was followed by over five years teaching Academic and Exam English at the University of Gloucestershire, before I joined UCA in 2019.

I understand the difficulties international students have adapting to studying at UK universities and am committed to helping them understand best academic practice with a focus on writing skills.