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July 'Belgravia' Karen Knorr

Professor Karen Knorr’s “Belgravia” included in two major group exhibitions in July

Home Sweet Home 1970–2018
The British Home, A Political History

Les Recontres d’Arles
1 July–22 September

New Order
Sprüth Magers London
24 July–14 September

Les Recontres d’Arles: 1 July–22 September
The British’s attachment to their homes has continued to assert itself since the early nineteenth century, becoming an important component of their identity. The English language has invented the words comfort and comfortable, words imported into French because nothing better expressed the link between the well-being of soul and body and the domestic interior. What’s better than the theme of the home, the home so dear to the heart of the British, to highlight the richness, the diversity and the development of photography across the Channel? Home Sweet Home brings together thirty artists of all generations who allow us to share the intimacy and the everyday life of Britain from the 1970s to the present day. A look around the property that sheds light from different angles on the social, cultural and political realities, past and present, of British society. Karen Knorr will be exhibiting the a selection of works from the series Belgravia (1979–1981).

Curated by Isabelle Bonnet, the exhibition includes: Ed Alcock (1974), Dana Ariel (1983), Keith Arnatt (1930-2008), Laura Blight (1985), Juno Calypso (1989), Natasha Caruana (1983), Mark Cawson (1959-2018), Edmund Clark (1963), John Paul Evans (1965), Anna Fox (1961), Ken Grant (1967), Anthony Haughey (1963), Tom Hunter (1965), Sarah Jones (1959), Peter Kennard (1949), Karen Knorr (1954), Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen (1948), Chris Leslie (1974), Stephen McCoy (1956), Michael McMillan (1962), Daniel Meadows (1952), David Moore (1961), Magda Segal (1959), Andy Sewell (1978), David Spero (1963), Eva Stenram (1976), Clare Strand (1973), Colin Thomas (1950), Gillian Wearing (1963). The accompanying publication is published by Éditions Textuel.

Sprüth Magers London: 24 July–14 September
Sprüth Magers presents New Order, an exhibition that surveys identity and image in British art, culture and society between 1976 and 1995. The exhibition originates from a discussion about the cultural status and art historical positioning of Peter Saville’s best-known work for Factory records made in the early 1980s and blurring the boundaries between art, design, pop and product. Karen Knorr will be exhibiting Belgravia (1979–1981) in its entirety as well as vintage prints from the series Punks (1977) made in collaboration with Olivier Richon.

Exhibiting artists include: Angus Fairhurst, Richard Hamilton, Damien Hurst, Gary Hume, Karen Knorr, Sarah Lucas, Olivier Richon, Peter Saville, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Gillian Wearing