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JUICE - Issue 2 Published

Welcome to the second edition of JUICE, the Journal of Useful Investigations in Creative Education.

It is always a pleasure to write an editorial for a journal, because it involves drawing attention to the hard work of all the contributors. Preparing and submitting an article for any journal requires considerable time and effort, and contributors often give this time on top of the demands of their day-to-day work. They are then rewarded with peer reviews, which often request numerous amendments that have to be addressed and incorporated before the article is published. So, I would like to begin by thanking the contributors for their sustained effort in producing quality outputs, and for their commitment to sharing them through JUICE.

Just as importantly, the work of peer reviewers must also be given due credit. As with contributors, peer reviewers also give their time generously in order to help develop and refine the submissions. The quality of any journal is dependent on the dedication and rigour of its reviewers, and JUICE is no exception. I would therefore like to thank all our peer reviewers for their time and effort in working on the submissions, the journal would not be possible without your generosity and criticality.