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Encompassing Research - UCA School of Crafts and Design Publication

The publication Encompassing: Research places the essay as a primary output: a first such book for the School of Crafts & Design at the University for the Creative Arts.

Taking the time out to invite the academic staff of the School to write essays that indicate the reflective passion for their subject is rarely done. It is manifested here with the specific aim of representing the wide research interests of staff, to offer moments of deep consideration in specific research fields, and to help build up that precious, elusive and allusive thing, a research culture. The essays cover a diverse field including textiles, ceramics, jewelry, football, museology, basketry and rural buildings.
A paperback book containing 14 illustrated essays from UCA School of Crafts and Design academic staff, edited by Professor Lesley Millar and Professor Simon Olding.
The item cost is £10, postage and packing will be added to the order total. Order from the catalogue now.