University Regulations, Policies and Procedures

University Regulations,
Policies and Procedures

This page contains the regulations, policies and procedures, including the Common Credit Framework, underpinning the governance and management of all courses offered by the University.

Enrolment on to a University course is conditional upon students agreeing to familiarise themselves and comply with all University regulations and policies as listed below. Policies marked with * form part of the student contract.

Admissions and Tuition Fees

Course Related

Assessment Policy (PDF)

Assessment Feedback Policy (PDF)

Assessment Cover Sheet (PDF)

Assessment Feedback Form (PDF)

Regulations for Conferment of Awards (PDF)

Common Credit Framework (CCF) for Taught Programmes (PDF)*

CCF Regulations Appendix 1: Generic Mark Descriptors (PDF)

CCF Regulations Appendix: Adjustments to Assessment Regulations for 2020/21 in Light of CoVid (PDF)

Dissertation Policy (PDF)

Dissertation Policy Appendix 1: Generic Dissertation Unit Descriptors (PDF)

Reading List Policy (PDF)

Personal Development Tutorial Policy (PDF)

Examination Regulations*

Mitigating Circumstances Regulations *

Mitigating Circumstances Guidance and Form

Placement Learning Procedure 

Placement Learning Procedure - FE Supplement

Placement Learning Procedure: Guidance and Appendices

Placement Learning Agreement

Placement Learning Risk Assessment Form

Placement Learning Feedback Form

Placement Learning Thank you letter

Procedure for making adjustments to assessment tasks for students with a Disability/Specific Learning Difference *

Policy for the Submission, Retention and Return of Student Work*

Policy on Internal Verification

Policy on Recording and Reusing Teaching Sessions*

Lecture Capture: Compliance

Students Recording of Teaching Sessions Policy

Protocols for the Boards of Examiners

Regulations and Procedures for the Conferment of the Titles of Professor and Reader

Overseas Study Policy*

Overseas Study - unit descriptors

University of Brighton Regulations for MPhil, PhD and Professional Doctorates*

UAL: University of the Arts London Research Degrees Handbook and Regulations*

Governance and Legal

Health, Safety and Support

Student Complaints, Appeals and Conduct