Facilities & resources

Our facilities vary across each campus, depending on the subjects taught at each one. Just some of our impressive facilities and resources include:

  • Workshops for glass blowing, metal forging, bronze casting and vacuum forming
  • Animation suites, including stop motion and digital
  • Photographic studios with darkrooms and digital processing facilities
  • Hot shop for glass blowing
  • Kilns for ceramics work
  • Video production equipment andediting software
  • TV studio and broadcast newsroom
  • IT suites fully equipped with PCs and Macs
  • Access to the latest design software
  • Textiles digital printing facilities
  • Laser cutting and 3D printers
  • Motion capture and virtual reality lab
  • Fine Art studios
  • Film, television and radio studios
  • Editing suites
  • Workshops for model-making
  • Sound post-production facilities
  • Workshops for kiln fusing, casting and enamelling
  • Camera and sound equipment
  • Water and oil based printmaking resources
  • Digital print bureau
  • 3D studios for metal, jewellery, ceramics and glass
  • Dry workshops for wood and plastics
  • Welding and casting resources
  • Print beds for textiles
  • Pattern and production workshops with
  • Gerber digitised pattern cutting and industrial sewing machines
  • Dobby looms, computerised AVL looms, countermarch looms, table looms and box looms for textiles
  • Access to rehearsal and performance spaces
  • Dye labs and dye vat areas
  • Print and weave equipment
  • Archive of historical and contemporary textiles
  • Metal spinning equipment
  • Rapid prototyping facility
  • Industry-standard CAD software programs
  • Hasselblad high-end scanning stations and Epson scanning stations
  • 35mm and medium format film cameras
  • Colour film processing
  • Digital SLR cameras with high-end video capture
  • Extensive media store for equipment hire.



Library at UCA Farnham

Our campus libraries are designed to support your learning and research, whether you’re looking for a distinct study resource, or simply a quiet place to work.

Together, our libraries provide one of the most comprehensive visual arts resources in the region, giving you access to around 272,000 print and electronic books and exhibition catalogues, plus nearly 700 print and around 11,400 e-journals.

Exhibition spaces

Step into any of our campus galleries and exhibition spaces and you’ll immediately appreciate the abundance of creative and innovative work we produce here at UCA.

A year-round programme of exhibitions and events regularly showcases the talents of our students, staff and the wider art and design community, spanning architecture, fine art, fashion, communication design, craft and film and media.

IT suites

Digital media suites, UCA Farnham

Our IT suites are fully equipped with both PCs and Macs for graphic design and general work, video equipment and scanning and printing facilities. You’ll have access to all the latest industry design software such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator, Microsoft Projects and Autodesk 3D Studio MAX.

Digitisation unit

Our digitisation unit provides you with access to images, streaming media, archives, collections and research material through our imageBank, eStream Player and Turning the Pages systems. The unit also houses the external digitisation service Access Digital.

Staff are experts in digitising and processing all types of resources – from the most fragile and rare special collections and art objects, to VHS, books, journals, photographs, slides and documents.

State-of-the-art resources include a Book2Net Kiosk book scanner, large-format flatbed and slide scanners, digital cameras and copy-stand equipment.

Glass hot shop

For artists and designers working in glass, our glass hot shop in Farnham offers an enviable array of equipment to support design and production and artistic needs. At the hot shop, we provide expertise with molten glass including blowing, with a range of kilns and a cold working facility for cutting, grinding and polishing glass. 

Bronze foundry

The bronze foundry is a university resource available to all staff and students from all courses. Using the 'lost wax' ceramic shell process, your artwork or design work can be cast into bronze or aluminium with incredible detail.

Laser cutting

Use our laser cutters for high-precision, high-quality cutting of a variety of materials from MDF to fabrics to acrylic and more. And with speedy set up and high reliability, you can be sure that your finished product is of high quality, accurately processed and beautifully finished.

3D printing and scanning

Architecture FabLab

Our state-of-the-art equipment (including 3D printing, rapid prototyping and 3D routing) builds three-dimensional physical objects layer by layer direct from 3D CAD data.

Our portable 3D scanner enables high-precision 3D measurement and imaging so you can generate a virtual copy of reality in millimetre-accuracy at a blazing speed. The technology uses laser to produce incredibly detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and geometries in only a few minutes. 

Art shops

Rochester Arts Shop

With an art shop on each campus, you’ll be able to quickly get hold of a comprehensive range of art, design and stationery products at very competitive prices. Goods which are not in stock can be ordered on request.