Introduce A Friend

Announcing the UCA ‘Introduce a Friend’ Scheme for 2020

We are giving an opportunity to all current Undergraduate students to ‘introduce a friend’ to UCA.

A modern approach to co-creating our community with our students

If you know someone you think would be a good fit for UCA to start in September 2020 on any Undergraduate course, the University will be offering £350 per enrolee (up to a maximum of 4 enrolees) to current students every time someone they have referred joins the institution following a successful application.

Increasing our creative community by bringing the best talent to UCA will be hugely important in maintaining our quality of teaching, student experience and developing our facilities over the next decade, and we believe that our current students are the most likely people to have friends and family that would be perfectly placed at UCA to have an incredible creative career in the area of creative arts, business and technology.

The award will be made to the referring current student when their enrolee has completed their first term at UCA following enrolment in September 2020.

How to introduce a friend

If you are able to introduce a friend, all they need to do is ensure your full name and UCA Student Number are included during the application process*, referring you as their contact at the University and validating you as a referee. If they should go on to enrol and join UCA next September, you will be recognised as having acted as an advocate and helping the University to directly find the next generation of UCA students.

By committing to working with our current students to co-create our future student community, we believe that students should share in the benefits of keeping more of the University’s funding within the community and spending less on speculative advertising, promotion and events. We hope that this will enhance the experience of both our current students, future students and the wider community to bring networks of friends together across years that remain long into our graduates’ careers.

So spread the word your own way and help the University to bring the best new talent to our four campuses in 2020!

* Applicants will be invited to voluntarily submit the information at the point at which they firmly accept a place with UCA. Only voluntary submission of this information constitutes confirmation of a current student as a referee.