Wendy Chandler

Wendy Chandler

Senior Lecturer FE

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Wendy Chandler

Wendy Chandler has been teaching in further education since 1993 in the Fashion and Textiles and 3D disciplines. She is a successful freelance designer in the film, television and event industries.

Wendy Chandler


Wendy’s work has included costume design and making, mask making, millinery, styling and set dressing, prop making and set design.

She uses her success in her commercial career by bringing it to her teaching practice, her working industry particularly enriching her students’ experience. 

Wendy is a lover of making, constructing, drawing, making installations, designing, making garments and costumes and of course - creative input. In the teaching profession she endorses communication between students and tutor, and understands how we can learn from each other. She has experience in the film, TV and video industries, in the fields of prop making, set design, costume design and styling.

Wendy has a healthy record of working with companies such as Pinewood and Shepperton Studios, London Fashion Week, and window displays in Harvey Nichols in London.       

She works with sculpture, costume, mask making, mould making, installation, model making, wood work, metal work, paper manipulation, fabric manipulation, fashion design, and garment construction. 

She has worked within UCA using this involvement in industry since 1993, and continually combines ongoing involvement with work as a freelance designer and sculptor in relevant industries within the context of teaching.

Professional Membership, Affiliation and Consultancy


Displays for Harvey Nichols, Starbucks, and Replay,

Promotional costumes:

  • Masks and head dresses for MTV and Swiss Telecom.
  • London Fashion Week - site drawings.