Veeshane Diolle

Veeshane Diolle


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Veeshane Diolle

Veeshane (also known as V) is an artist, educator, and creative technologist residing in the UK. His work explores the boundaries of digital representation by combining traditional practices with contemporary digital tools.

Veeshane Diolle


After receiving formal training In Computer Graphics, ranging from VFX, Game Technology and Programming, Veeshane subsequently studied academic drawing and sculpture from leading art mentors in the games industry. Veeshane 's 3D designs have been featured in The Guardian and shown around the world.

In addition to his own projects, Veeshane frequently collaborates with other artists and studios. Recent collaborations include work with UCA's prestigious fashion and textiles department, Adobe and Artstation.

Veeshane consults widely in 3D workflows for both fashion and games Industries - ranging from professional AAA studios to Indie developers.

Current projects include developing a robust, industry-leading 3D pipeline for UCA's MA Digital Fashion course.