James Macintyre

James Macintyre

Technical Tutor Digital Media

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James Macintyre

James Macintyre is a Digital Media Technical Tutor at The University for the Creative Arts, working with all courses across the campus. He is a graduate of UCA Maidstone in BA Visual Communication: Graphic Design and has completed a PGCE for Post Compulsory Education in 2014.

James Macintyre


During his time working for design agencies, he made the decision to give back these enhanced learning experiential journeys gained from these companies, so that the next generation of creatives could gain a greater understanding of their potential job roles and requirements in the industry.

His industry experience in Graphic Design and technical ability has proven to be highly valuable to student progress at the University, teaching his specialism and an array of Adobe and Apple software for the output of print based or digital media.

James is inspired by everything around him, be it pop culture, creative blogs, new technology or his creative peers. He has said to be inspired most of all by his students, who have and will force him to keep experimenting for their greater benefit.

James continues to be a practitioner in his work. He enjoys the adaptive nature of ever growing functions and forms of technology that change how he can be creative, and also enhance students' learning and their abilities to do so.

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