Awareness raising

Awareness raising:
events and activities

During the COP26 conference UCA partnered with Surrey County Council which funded Coming Up for Air; a three-week public exhibition of work by our Fine Art students and staff at UCA Farnham. Students and staff were briefed to create work in response to climate change and sustainable travel. The exhibition and interviews with contributors were livestreamed at the COP26 conference in Glasgow on 10 November 2021.


Go Green Week 2018

UCASU (Student Union) and UCA hosted Go Green March in March 2018 (UCASU Go Green March), with over forty events and activities across UCA’s four campuses to engage staff and students in sustainability issues. Events included Meat-free Mondays and vegan options in canteens, Swishing events (clothing exchange), Green Discussion Forums, movie screenings,  talks from local ‘green’ businesses and Non-governmental Organisations, a pop-up Repair Café and a free Bike repair and maintenance session with the Bikestart charity. In September 2021, the Sustainability Officer took part in the Fresher’s Week Fairs, distributing information and meeting with new students.

In June 2018, UCA students and staff operated a stand at the Farnham Sustainability Fayre 2018, showcasing student art inspired by nature and constructed from found objects and recycled materials. Over two hundred local Farnham residents visited the stand, which also highlighted key elements of the University Sustainability programme.

Farnham Repair Café (FRC)

In 2015 The Centre for Sustainable Design® (CfSD) set up a collaboration with Transition Town Farnham to establish Farnham Repair Café, a place where local people can seek advice and get free assistance from local volunteers to repair and extend the useful life of broken or faulty products, including electrical and mechanical products, furniture, clothing, textiles and bikes. Between January 2015 and October 2021, Farnham Repair Café has attracted over 4,000 visitors and achieved 1,600 fully repaired products, diverting over three tonnes of products from disposal to landfill. During the course of its operation over a dozen Farnham students and two UCA members of staff have regularly volunteered their time and expertise to assist with repairs and help run the Repair Café. In March 2016, FRC was featured in 

Case Study: UCA Student Films on Farnham Repair Cafe (FRC)

In 2015, Sven Mattes, second undergraduate on BA (Hons) Film Production completed a short film on FRC (Available to view on Youtube) with extracts featured on Brazilian television. In addition, between January-April 2016 a project was organised between the The Centre for Sustainable Design® and first year students on the BA (Hons) Media & Communications and BA (Hons) Media & Creative Writing courses to develop and produce two short films to help promote FRC to the local community - see:

More information on Farnham Repair Café and CfSD research on global Repair Cafés can be found on The Centre for Sustainable Design® website