Communication & Design Research Projects

Hacking the Body Part 2

Building on the discoveries from Hacking the Body Part 1, this project produced two functional and aesthetic wearable tech garment for dance with specific soft circuit sensors worn at a performance funded by Arts Council England. 

6X6 Collaborative Letterpress Project

This research project brings together six UK based HE design schools and combines a traditional understanding of letterpress composition with a contemporary approach to design education.

Speculative Tate

A series of four, monthly open and informal ‘curated’ discussion forums at Tate Britain considering the relation between aesthetics and new forms of realism within post-Continental philosophy followed by three large scale public events consisting of seminars, curated art, and music.

Strange Pilgrimage: Chaucer's Canterbury Tales as a Contemporary Social Narrative

Mireille Fauchon 2015

A modern day pilgrimage, reimagining The Canterbury Tales to uncover a contemporary social narrative told through drawing, photography, painting, moving image and sound.   

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