Applying to study with us

If you are considering studying with UCA, the information below will help you by giving advice on how to approach your application.

EU & EEA students

If you are from a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) country, you will not need a student visa to come to the UK to study. This means you can follow the UK student application process. You will find this information on each individual course page.

Non-EU international students

If you are applying from a country outside of the EU or EEA you will need to get a student visa before being able to join your course. This is usually a straightforward process, but in certain countries it can take a little time, so it is wise to apply early to avoid any delay.

The application process for Non-EU international students

If you are applying for a pre-degree or postgraduate course, you should apply directly to us using the specific online application form for your chosen course or through a UCA in-country representative.

If you are applying for an undergraduate course, you have three ways to apply.

  • Direct to us using the specific online application form for your chosen course
  • Through a UCA in-country representative
  • Through UCAS

If you are only applying to UCA we would recommend that you apply direct to us. If you are applying to more than one university in the UK, please apply through UCAS. The benefits of applying directly to us are:

  • There is no application fee (up to £22 via UCAS)
  • The recommended application deadline is 1 May 2015
  • There are no 'declined by default' deadlines
  • We will process your application through UCAS on your behalf
  • You can track your application through our online ‘applicant portal’.

Applying to study with us – a step-by-step guide

This step-by-step guide should help you to understand how the process of applying to study with us works. If you need more support, please contact our International Admissions team who will be happy to help you.

Remember, this guide is for international students. If you are a UK/EU resident, please see our main ‘how to apply’ section.

Step 1: Send us your application  
Use our prospectus or our website to choose a course. Then apply using the specific online application form for your chosen course, through your UCA in-country representative or through UCAS.

Step 2: Receive your offer letter 
If your application is successful we will send you a letter offering you a place to study at UCA. The offer might be unconditional or there may be conditions, such as you may need to pass a Secure English Language Test (SELT).

Step 3: Accept your offer
If you apply directly to us, you can email us to accept your offer. If you apply through UCAS, you will need to send your acceptance to them.

Step 4: Tell us about your accommodation requirements
At this stage, you can let us know if you will want a place in our campus halls of residence. Remember, if you do not apply for halls before the main allocation of rooms (which is carried out in mid-May), we cannot guarantee you a place.

Step 5: Pay your tuition fees
Once you have firmly accepted your offer to study with us, you will need to pay a deposit of £2,500 towards your tuition fees. You should use our online system to pay your deposit. We need this before we can issue your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies number, which you will need to apply for your visa.

Step 6: Provide us with documents for your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
Before we can issue your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), you must also send us scanned copies of specific supporting documents, such as passport information, academic qualification certificates and financial statements. We will tell you what we need.

Step 7: Receive your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
We will email you your CAS number. This is proof that you have been accepted onto your course in the UK. You will need your CAS number to apply for your student visa. 

Step 8: Apply for your student visa from UK Visas and Immigration
To study in the UK, you need to have a Tier 4 student visa. You can apply for this through the UK Visas and Immigration website.

Step 9: Tell us your arrival details
Once you have your visa, let us know when you plan to arrive. We will give you the details of our ‘meet and greet’ service, where one of our representatives will be waiting for you inside the arrivals hall at the airport.

Step 10: Arrive at your campus to start your course
Turn up on your first day and get ready for an amazing experience with us. If you are delayed and will arrive after the course start date, please let us know.

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